My name is Anita Tang — your private chef in Bangkok. Growing up in Hong Kong, I have been cooking ever since I could reach the stove; I believe I was 10 years old at the time. The first thing I ever cooked on that stove was stir-fried pak choy with ginger, and it sparked a lifelong passion for cooking. I found myself cooking at home for my family — all seven of them. Despite my young age, they consistently asked me to cook for them and I was happy to oblige.

My upbringing in what was, at the time, a British colony in China gave me experiences in both eastern and western styles, which influenced my eating habits. Being a free port, foods from around the world flowed freely through the city and I was able to taste many of them in my time working as an advisor at an investment bank. However, I eventually found that I wanted to share my passion for food with people instead of working in a bank.

Italian Adventure

I started my journey towards being a Bangkok private chef by moving to Bologna, Italy to learn authentic Italian cuisine. I went to some cooking classes to learn how to make fresh pasta or ravioli or other traditional Italian dishes and my knowledge of cooking techniques grew quicker as I practiced each constantly.

Anita’s Kitchen in Phuket, Thailand

During the time I lived in Italy, I also owned my own restaurant in Bologna. For the two years I was there, I got a lot of support and encouragement from many satisfied customers, both locals and visitors from overseas.

Phuket Success

In 2014, I moved to the beautiful island of Phuket, Thailand and opened a Chinese restaurant named “Anita’s Kitchen”. I very quickly earned the top ranking for Chinese restaurants on various review websites, and held onto those titles consistently, even in the face of a lot of competition.

I adapted some new cooking philosophies into traditional Chinese cooking techniques, which my customers seemed to enjoy very much. I am fortunate that cooking is both my profession and my hobby, so I was constantly experimenting at home and discovering new techniques that I would then incorporate into my menu. However, I knew that I wanted to provide a more personal experience, which sparked my move towards being a private chef in Bangkok.

Sending Love to People by Cooking

In late 2018, I handed over the management of Anita’s Kitchen and moved to Bangkok, Thailand to continue my passion for “cooking from the heart”. As a private chef, I’m able to cook in a more intimate setting directly for you. It also allows me to be more creative and to help families eat healthy meals, and try new foods while still getting high-end food.

Let me share my passion of cuisine with you! Contact me and we can discuss how best I can help you to enjoy unique, healthy, high-quality food.